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Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Y'all

I miss DeviantArt..
It's been long since I used DeviantArt. I've been on Flickr lately. Has nothing comparing to DevaintArt.
Ummm, Ok for updates about me..

I'm a senior, almost graduating. My last semester is going to be this summer Hopefully. I'm Studying information Technology. It's not bad I like it, but its not really what I always wanted. Journalism has always been my dream. Who knows I might go for it when I start my masters degree. Just another hope and dream.

I'm gonna promise that at least everyday or every 2 days or at least once a week I should take photos and submit photos
on another note,

Don't just VIEW my photos

I would also appreciate your comments and Constructive Criticism

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If you wanna get to know me

Follow me on twitter :!/Dyala88


Ask me :
  • Listening to: Les Miserbles - Master Of The House
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  • Watching: Heroes
  • Playing: Mahjong
  • Eating: Tortila
  • Drinking: Coffee - Water - Tea
Hello lovely Deviantart people,

Yup, Finals are finally here. Last semester being a junior year and kinda nervous, 'cause i kinda feel old =P. Anyway, so I'll be gone for a while without writing nor post photos, but of course when i get bored from studying I'll take some shots and write down a few notes.

Finals Schedule:

1) Sunday - LRA(learning and outcome assessment) - 8 am

2) Monday - ERP(enterprise resource planning) - 11 am

3) Wednesday - BPR(business process redesign) - 11 am

4) Saturday - NS(Network Security) - 11 am

5) Sunday - SE(software engineering) - 11 am

So, wish me luck and Insha'allah I get to pass all the these courses.

See you in two weeks =)

Enjoy, Have fun and Take care

Deedzaroni :heart: :hug:
  • Listening to: Farnk sinatra -fly me to the moon
  • Reading: angels and demons
  • Watching: ice age 3
Hello DA

I missed you, i missed this page i missed this account. i've been neglegting my photos and my camera 'cause i've been tryin to discover my other hobbies, talents and intrests

hopefully i could get back here regulary and post newer and better photos =)

Take care all